10 Rare Diseases That Turn People Into Superheroes


Ten rare diseases that curse people with superpowers, and it's not kryptonite

Have you caught a cold? Oh, how unlucky?

All these nasty symptoms again a runny nose non-stop coughing and also it hurts to eat

But you know what quit nagging

Your illness will pass in about a week, but imagine the life of those who suffer from chronic diseases

People tend to associate an illness with something unpleasant and often dangerous

And they have their reasons to think so, but there are some diseases

Which unlike a common cold look like superpowers at least at first sight in this video

You'll get acquainted with some of them. These rare diseases

Not only leave scientists confused, but also make their carrier similar to superheroes

Counting down number 10 super memory

This condition is called hyperthymesia a disruption of memory

Which causes a person to remember all the events of their life down to every last detail

There are just about 60 people in the world who have been diagnosed with such a unique disease

The patient's can describe any day of their lives in amazing detail

recalling even the moments from their deep childhood

What's more such people can recite lengthy extracts from books?

They've read many years ago retell a news broadcast of any day of any year you name it

Do you think it's a gift these people are lucky to enjoy?

hmm think again

Patients with hyperthymesia can't alter their memories or sugarcoat some unpleasant moments they would prefer to forget

They literally forget nothing

BBC once told the story of Rebecca sharukh an

Australian writer who remembered how she was wrapped in a pink blanket at the tender age of 7

No, not years. Not even months seven days old her memory is truly unique

She recites long extracts from Harry Potter without mixing up a single

However the young woman doesn't consider her hyperthymesia

A superpower she constantly suffers from headaches and insomnia and tires very fast

Number 9 in sensibility to pain

Inborn analgesia, that's a scientific name of the condition when a person doesn't feel pain like

At all there is a surprising fact to think about

Despite the rareness of this disease as many as 40 cases of it have been registered in one of the villages in Sweden

How can we explain such a phenomenon?

Hmm, maybe it's the meatballs

What's your opinion share in the comments at first sight you may think that this could be a feature of real x-men?

The syndrome doesn't influence mental abilities or appearance a person doesn't feel any pain

Maximum other people's touches in real life this condition is dangerous

usually our body informs us about some problems it has sending us signals in the form of pay a

patient with analgesia might miss the symptoms of the disease

They just won't hear the cries for help of their body

this illness is especially dangerous for little children they can hurt themselves while playing or

Accidentally cause damage to the cornea bite the tip of their tongue off or fail to notice that their bone is broken

Do you still think it's cool?

Number eight abilities to literally do anything

Savant syndrome is a rare condition, which might be typical for people with developmental disorders such as autism or Asperger's syndrome

patients with such condition are extremely talented in music drawing and painting

calculations cartography and constructing 3d models

savants can instantly provide you with the result of

multiplications of three-digit numbers or to say what day of the week will be the 5th of May 30 17 as

An example Stephen Wiltshire a famous British architectural artist with the syndrome of savant

Managed to draw a precise map of London

After just one flight over the city

Many people call savants geniuses, and they are partially right

People with this syndrome have real talents in some fields

But despite such patches of genius patients display inadequacy to the extent of the mental deficiency

Do you remember Forrest Gump from the novel of Winston groom? Yeah me either. I just saw the movie

Well that is a well-known example of a savant

number 7 in sensitivity to cold

Besides people who don't react to pain there are those who are indifferent to cold a

Vivid example is wim HOF a man from the Netherlands who brought doctors to their wit's end

The thing is wim is able to stand very low temperatures

He managed to spend 120 minutes in a pipe with freezing water and ice

Has climbed to the top of Mount Blanc wearing shorts and his pen. No not really and

Even swims under the ice of frozen lakes and rivers

Specialists considered this man to be a unique phenomenon though wim HOF himself believes that his

Insensitivity to cold is the result of the persistent training

Whatever it is. Just imagine how much money you could save on winter clothes if you had such an ability

Number 6 complete absence of fear

Herb OTT wife disease is a rare genetic disorder that leads to the complete lack of fear only

300 cases are known and a quarter of them have been registered in South Africa

The most famous patient got the name the woman who knows no fear it is an American woman SM

These initials have been given to her to maintain anonymity

The researchers use numerous ways to frighten her she was given poisonous spiders and snakes to hold

The scientists meet her watch horror films

The woman was locked in a haunted house. However all their efforts were in vain

What is more SM told them about terrible events from her life?

which still didn't manage to scare her a knife attack in the park at night a case of domestic violence she barely survived the

Leader of the research team was surprised to find the woman still alive despite the fact that she can't assess danger

Well, that sounds scary doesn't it?

Number 5 the vampire disorder

This disease has a difficult scientific name, but I will try

hippo hydronic

Ectodermal dysplasia, thank you very much

But it's more widely spread name describes it perfectly people suffering from this condition

frequently have eerily pointed teeth

Therefore looking similar to the legendary blood feeding creatures from horror films

people with more prominent symptoms of this illness are

Extremely thin and pale their eyes are outlined with dark circles

Their teeth are typically pointed hair is absent and they probably don't like steaks

And I'm not talking about the beef kind

All kidding aside the biggest problem for such patients is not being mistaken for a vampire the situation is much dire

They always have to check their temperature and stay away from the sunlight. Also. It is vitally important to avoid hot weather

Why so?

People with this disorder don't have sweat glands as you know these glands serve as a thermo regulating mechanism of our body

Imagine what can happen if it is broken by the way, this is the most typical syndrome of the disorder

Sounds dramatic but for example after Michael Berryman who suffers from the disease

Made a career playing horror movie characters anyway

Now you know where the stories about vampires root from right?

Number four octopus people

Polly Millia is a strange disorder people suffering from it are born with an unusual number of limbs in

Some cases these limbs are pretty useful in others. They are non

Functioning guess you wouldn't be overly excited about an extra leg or arm

But what would you say about a bigger number of extra limbs?

for example the case in Pakistan was particularly shocking a baby was born with as many as six legs a

Parasitic twin was to blame

In fact the disease can affect any extremities legs arms fingers stand in some cases even penis

surely surgeries removing extra body parts exist

But surprisingly some individuals refuse to be operating they think these body parts

Fingers in particular are useful and feel reluctant to bid goodbye to them

Number three stone man syndrome

The syndrome is genetic. What's more it progresses through life

People with such a disease have the soft tissues of their bodies turning to bone

The mutation of the ACV are one gene responsible for the development of different tissues of the human body

leads to terrible consequences

muscles turn to bone and joints fuse together if

Doctors attempt to remove the bone surgically the body starts to produce more bone tissue in that area

Luckily only one in two million people suffers from this condition because currently there is no existing treatment

Number two werewolf syndrome

Do you regularly feel irritated getting rid of unwelcome hair growing on certain parts of your body

Relax and take a deep breath it can't be as bad as the problem of those who suffer from hypertrichosis

The hair growth of such people is abnormal all their bodies are covered with thick hair

It grows long and lush even on their faces

The reason for this condition, which has gained the nickname werewolf syndrome is most likely to be the genetic mutation

However there have been some cases where this disease has been provoked by anti balding treatment

So be cautious with your wishes

Surely usual methods of hair removal shaving waxing or laser are perfectly effective

But even the best of them only give short lasting results


number one foreign accent syndrome

But any of you have tried to speak with a foreign accent at least once in your life have you been successful and

There are people who don't even need to try hard

their countrymen will believe that their tourists visiting the country on vacation

However, it is no fun for patients themselves they speak with a foreign accent uncontrollably

What is even more surprising?

People who have acquired French accent may have never visited France before

From time to time such patients use several accents and sometimes even simultaneously

The most common reason for this condition is a head injury or a stroke well that explains a few things

the person with this condition

Changes the way they place their tongue during speaking the most effective treatment in this case is speech therapy

So what disease have you found the most shocking have you ever met anybody with the conditions described in this video

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