How to improve your listening in English


Hello There

My name's Ronnie

I had a lot of people have ask me

said "Ronnie,


can I improve my listening?"

Uhm, I've got a couple suggestions for you.

So, I'm going to teach you

Some tips

On how to improve

your listening skills

probably the way that you have learned listening

is... maybe you have a textbook

or... a CD

the problem with a textbook/CD is the language...

is not natural

Oh see... it's so unnatural we get beeped!

they have conversations like:

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Ronnie. What is your name?

My name is Cynthia

Nice to meet you Cynthia

This is a pen

So, textbook English is not very natural

and they doesn't really teach you conversation or words

or phrases that we would say normally day to day

when we speak English, so...

to more natural things

the very first thing is: watching movies

the really good thing about movies is: maybe you like movies and they're fun!


don't ever be afraid to watch a movie and tell people that you're studying english

That's what I do!

my suggestion to you is when you watch a movie


they would not have

subtitles are



sub means under and titles means like words

T-I-T-L-E, oh you can spell things

amm.. subtitles

are words under

the picture, or over the picture that tell you what the actors or actrices are saying

It would be very very difficult for you... to watch a movie with English subtitles

so my very first suggestion is when you watching a movie is to watch with your lenguage subtitles

so the very first time

you're gonna use your native lenguage

first time your native lenguage subtitles

then when you understand the movie and you know what happened

you can changed to

English subtitles

so then you're actually seeing what the people are saying

so you're studying how they form the words pronunciation

The only bad thing about movies is they're very long

and some of there are boring

movies are about an hour to hour and a half

a better thing to do

is to watch


T.V programs are usually 20 minutes

if you want to listen to

british English or american English

you can choose

T.V shows from Britain or T.V show from America

so... T.V shows I think are better than movies because they're shorter

the more time you stay in front of the television or the movie screen and have to translate stuffs

20 minutes

watching a T.V show

first whit your lenguage subtitles and then English

will improve your listening

you can take off the subtitles

and just listen to what the people are saying

they do speak really really quickly. So you have to use the subtitles first

It will help you a lot

is music

everyone loves music

when you listened to music

you have to understand that music is not grammar

music is never grammatically correct

It's absolutely crazily wrong grammar

the grammar is awful

they say things like

which is not grammar. So, please do not listen to music and think you can learn grammar

but what you can do

is you can get the lyrics

lyrics basically mean

the words to the song


when you have a CD or MP3 or whatever form you use a record

look on the internet and get the lyrics to the song

print them out or watch them on the screen

and listen with the music and listen to the words

This again will help you listening ANNNND you can dance if you want to