You Can't Call Yourself a Driver If You Don't Know These 9 Secrets


What’s the most efficient way to use your AC in the summer?

How to get unstuck from mud or sand?

Even if youre an experienced driver, it never hurts to learn some extra tips you didn’t

know before.


Get ahead of another car safely

Every now and then you just have to overtake another car on a narrow two-lane road to get

to your destination faster.

And quite often, another car pops out of nowhere moving in your direction on the lane you chose

for your manoeuvre.

Whenever you feel like you don’t have enough time to end it, flash the turn signals indicating

the direction youll turn to.

It will help you avoid an accident because they often happen on the side of the road

when both cars choose to get there to avoid the crash.

It’s always a better idea to turn back to your lane and not the side of the road.


Take good care of your wipers

When you see that your wipers aren't working as efficiently as they used to and can't reach

some areas on the windshield they're most likely wearing out.

Quite often, rubber, frame and plastic wipers wear out and form a C shape.

As a result, the center of the windshield remains intact.

So before you get the wipers replaced, try turning them inside out.

You can actually help them work longer if you keep the windshield clean at al times.

Make it a habit to clean it whenever you stop at a gas station for a fill up.

Just make sure the squeegee they provide you with is clean and doesn’t have any debris

in it.

Whenever the frost is coming, remove the wiper blades overnight and they won’t freeze to

the glass.

And finally, never ever run the wipers on a dry windshield.

They are meant to be used on a wet surface.

So if you have to clean a dry windshield, for example to get rid of pollen, turn on

the washer first.


Use your AC wisely in the summer

Imagine it's a hot summer day, you get in the car that's been in the sun for hours.

Your first natural urge is to turn on the AC at max.

Stop right there.

The AC system accumulates toxic substances you don't want to breath in.

So pump out the hot air naturally before you get in the car.

Roll down the rear windows and open and close the driver's door a few times in a row.

Then, start driving with your windows open, turn on the AC at max for 30 seconds to 5

minutes and wait for the car to get some fresh air.

Remember the AC is way more efficient as you're driving because it helps the compressor run


Check if your cabin's air filter is clean regularly.

If there's dirt in it, it messes up the airflow inside the vehicle.

And, if you have the auto AC feature in your car, don’t use it in hot weather.

It will help you save fuel as it turns off automatically when the engine is off.

But, it will make you sweat in traffic jams like crazy.


Be careful with your AC in the winter

If you live in climate where seasons do change and winters are snowy and cold, you most likely

only use you AC in the summer.

Because the last thing you want on a freezing day is to make the air inside cooler, right?

Well, you have to turn on the AC at least for a couple of minutes on medium temperature

at least once a month during the winter.

This is important to prevent the system from going stale.

If you make it sleep all winter long, you might not be able to turn it back on in the


The same is true for the heater, you have to turn it on at least for 30 seconds even

in the summer months.


Start your car when it's freezing outside

When it's below 14 °F outside and you get in your vehicle, don't try to start it straight


It wil strain the battery and the starter, because when you just get in and try to start

it, there is no voltage in the system.

It will put your starter and battery under too much presure.

So before you start the vehicle, turn on the high beams for 3 to 5 seconds.

It will let you run the current through your system and help the engine start easier.


Get unstuck from mud or sand

In case you get stuck in mud, sand or snow, don’t panic and remember there’s always

a way to get out.

First of all, give your tyres some room to manoeuvre.

Move the steering wheel back and forth to achieve this but do it really slow to get


As youre doing it, go from reverse to drive quickly, but no more than 8 times not to damage

the car.

Deflate the tires letting out about half of the air from them to increase their surface


Then dig out some space around them and use the tire jack to elevate the car and branches,

boards or even car floor mats for extra fraction.

As you get out successfully, don’t forget to inflate the tyres back and drive slowly

at first to get off the extra mud.


Pay attention to the wheels

When you're driving along a narrow road, and there is a flow of cars going your way, pay

attention to their wheels.

If you feel like the driver is acting weirdly don't wait for them to flash the turn signals.

Quite often, they just forget to turn them on or do that after theyve turned the wheels

in the right direction.

So it’s not the turn signals but the wheels you should watch.


Take the most out of your car alarm

Most modern car alarms have Anti Theft mode.

It prevents car theft blocking the engine while the stolen vehicle is moving.

All you have to do is push the button and stop the engine from a distance.

But it won’t work unless you have the alarm remote control on you.

For example, when thieves throw you out of the car or you went out to check the tyres

and someone jumped in and went on a ride in your car.

So it’s really smart to keep the remote control apart from the rest of your keys and

always keep it in your pocket.

Also, don’t activate the Anti Theft mode just for fun.

It takes an expert to unblock the vehicle after it’s been activated, so reserve it

for real emergencies.


Mind the details

It's pretty obvious that you have to keep your windshield clean, but there are some

things you might oversee in this process.

You side car windows have rubber molding that you most likely forget to clean.

However, even if the car itself is clean, these rubbers accumulate dust you can't even


When it gets out, it scratches the windshield like sandpaper.

A few months later, it can leave deep scratches on the windshield that you won’t be able

to get rid of.

Can you think of any other useful car maintenance tips and tricks?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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